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Q: Can I upgrade my regular Servage One account to VPS, and what changes will be done on my regular account?
A: The VPS is not an actual upgrade of the regular Servage One account, it is a service you can purchase in addition. The purchase of a VPS won't have any impact on your regular Servage One account.

Q: If customer run both account types, will there be a separate control panel?
A: No, everything will be integrated in the regular control panel. There will be a drop down menu on the start site of the control panel where the customer can choose the account

Q: Will Servage move all of my sites to my VPS account without interruption/downtime?
A: The files/databases needs to be moved manually by the customer.

Q:Is there the possibility to see a demo online of the VPS Control Panel?
A:No, but the VPS control panel looks the same as the Servage One control panel.

Q: Is a free domain included on the VPS?
A: No, VPS doesn't have an included free domain

Q: Can I use my VPS for data back up only?
A: Yes, that is no problem.

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