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Servage IMAP, Pop3 and SMTP details

Server details

Incoming E-Mail Outgoing E-Mail
Pop3 details IMAP details SMTP details
Username: your e-mail username Username: your e-mail username Authentication: required
Password: your e-mail password Password: your e-mail password Username: your e-mail username
POP3 Server: IMAP Server: Password: your e-mail password
Port 110 Port:143 SMTP Server:, port 25

E-Mail password and username

You find the e-mail username and password in your control panel:

a)If you have more then one mail account associated to your domain:

-> E-Mail, ->View Zone, ->Info

b)If you have one mail account associated to your domain:

-> E-Mail, ->Info

We recommend to use the newest version of your mail client. Furthermore, we recommend to configure your mail client manually and don't rely on the auto configure option. The experience shows that the auto configure option is not always reliable.

Guidelines for common mail clients

Guidelines for Outlook

Guideline for ThunderBird

Guideline for IPhone

Guideline for Samsung S5

Advanced Settings


You can use SSL for secure connections between your email client and the mail services.

  • POP3-SSL port: 995
  • IMAP-SSL port: 993
  • The mail server has support for TLS and SSL, using standard SSL port 465
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