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If you want to move a domain from one Servage account to another Servage account, please make a back up of the e-mail accounts, databases and files which are associated to the domain. As soon as this is done, contact the Servage support. We will then move the domain.

Carry out the following steps to prepare the domain for the move:

a) e-Mail backup. In order to move the domain, all e-mail accounts which are associated to the e-mail address need to be deleted. Before this is done, make a back up of the e-mails. Configure the email accounts in outlook using POP3 and download the mails to your local computer, to avoid any loss of emails. You can refer

b) file back up. Download the files for the domain via FTP to your locale computer. For files, please download all the data related to the domain via ftp on your local machine.

c) database back up. You are able to create a mysql dump from your Servage admin panel. Please select the tab "MySQL > Databases". You now see different options like "delete" and "enter details" you also see the "backup" function. Please click on the tab "Backup" and you are now able to request to start a back up for your database. It will be saved in your root folder and with the databasename.sql, you can then download the .sql files to your local machine via ftp. The backup process needs to be performed manually by you. Once everything is done, then you can delete the email accounts for the domain from control panel, delete the DNS zone for the domain and remove virtual host for the domain.

If the domain is registered through Servage, you can follow the above process as specified in but do not delete the domain youself else the domain will be scheduled for deletion!! Please open a support ticket from within the Servage account which holds the domain and provide us the details of the new account (i.e username). The Servage support staff can move the domain to new account for you. Once domain is moved, you can upload the contents under new account and re-create the email accounts for the domain.

If the domain is third party registrar domain name, you can move the domain without Servage support: delete the domain name from the Domains tab within the control panel and add it under new account. Upload the contents under new account and re-create the email accounts.

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