How to receive emails to your hotmail account for an existing email account

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You might be aware that you can't set email forwarder for an existing email account at Servage. The thing with hotmail is, you can receive mails from an existing email account to your hotmail account. You will just need to follow these simple steps.

Go to your hotmail account > options > more options > under "Managing your account" go to "Sending/receiving email from other accounts" > Add an email account > Enter the servage account email address and its password from where you want the mails to be received, click on 'Advance Option' and enter the Server address as, select port 110 when using without SSL, or else enter port 995 if you wish to use SSL.

Check the box for 'Leave a copy of my messages on the server' so that mails stay on the servage account as well.

Now, the account will be set up for you. Once added, it sends a validation mail from hotmail to the servage mail account to confirm you are the real servage email account owner.

More details can be found at this link:

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