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Hacked account

The files in your Servage account are infiltrated with hacked code. Servage took e-mail from script service offline to avoid harm which could be caused by hacked files. Servage gives you the option to choose between the following procedures to clean your account and to have it activated again:

Option a): DELETE HOST(S)

You can delete ALL files which are associated to the infected host/domain document root/domain folder. We opened a temporary FTP account for that purpose. The FTP log in details were sent to you with an admin note.

As soon as the files are deleted, please update the support ticket and Servage will re-activate your account. However, it is possible that other hosts then the ones mentioned in the Servage note could be infected. Due to that, we highly recommend that you check all files regarding to not wanted code. Also, note that we need to take your account offline again if further unwanted activities may occur.

Option b): SCAN OF FILES

Servage can perform a scan of your scripts in order to find hacked files. If you decide on that option, please consider the following:

- our scans can not give you a complete list of all hacked files in your account. Our scans are designed to give you an overview of some hacked files to give you the chance to do further checks from your end,

- scanning the files in your account can take several hours (depends on the number of files and folders in your account),

- scans can only started during the admin office hours (9am to 11pm CET). If you ask us to start a scan outside of the office hours, we need to ask you to wait until the office hours.

As soon as the scan is finished, we will give you a list of files which are detected by our scan. This list won't give you an complete overview of all hacked files. After you received the scan result, you need to check and clean all files in your account yourself. We opened a temporary FTP account for that purpose. The FTP log in details were sent to you with an admin note. As soon as this is done, update the support ticket and Servage will check your account another time.

Servage will perform at a maximum three scans on your files. If we detect that you update the support ticket without checking and cleaning your files, Servage won't perform further scans. In case you need more then three scans, it is possible to purchase additional scans. As compensation for additional scans, Servage needs to charge $35 or the equivalent amount of the currency which applies for your account for that.

Account Security

Important: As soon as your account is online again, please secure your scripts and your account as good as possible. Please check the following information regarding to code- and account security:


Also, contact your programmer or the official support of your scripts in order to discuss steps to secure your account.

Please note that is your duty to secure your files in order to avoid further hacking. If we should detect reoccurring viral content due to the negligence of script security, Servage reserves the right to charge an abuse fee.

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