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Here is a step-by-step guide how to setup a cronjob:

  1. Go to the Tools > cronjobs tab in the control panel.
  1. To add a new cronjob click on "+Create New Cronjob"
  2. Please choose if you want a monthly or daily cronjob to be executed.
  3. Please select the execution time.
  4. Kindly scroll down to the correct domain name.
  5. Now you just need to type in the exact path: cgi-bin/tgp/cron.cgi (this url is just an example)
    Make sure the path pointing to the cronjob file is not effected by redirects or mod_rewrite.
  6. We recommend that you type in a description so you know which function this cronjob has.

  1. Test if the url specified above (5) is accessible from a browser
  2. Test the cron from within the cronjob settings
  3. The cronjob must complete in 30 sec or our server will kill the script. This is done in order to protect servers from stalling.
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